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From the people
From the people

I love this! I have very fine hair and my scalps tends to get dry due to the climate I live in. Its lightweight and it doesn't weigh down my hair or make it greasy.

I noticed my scalp irritation had improved just after a few days of using it. It’s now been about a month and I’m starting to see new sprouts of hair in my thinner hairline spots.

-A.R., Nevada
From the people

Definitely one of my favorite and most used facial products. I even use it on my hands when I get the dry winter itch on my hands during the cold winter months! It goes on smooth and doesn't leave my face feeling oily. It leaves it feeling so moisturized! It's great on irritated spots and blemishes also, it definitely reduces the irritation quickly!

-M.C., New York
From the people

The deodorant detox soap bar has been a surprising addition to my hygiene routine. The natural ingredients and gentle exfoliation make it a standout product. I noticed a smoother texture on my underarms after just a few uses. The detox aspect seems to be working as promised, minimizing any residual deodorant buildup. The subtle fragrance is a plus, and it doesn't overpower. While the detox process takes time, I appreciate the overall freshness it gives. If you're looking for a natural and effective way to reset your underarm routine, this soap bar is a worthwhile choice.

-I.A., California

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