Get set GLOW! A Botanical blend of Tropical Aromatic Moisturizing, Rejuvenating, and  Illuminating Skin Nutrients. Raw Cacao and natural Pearlescent Minerals illuminates the face, body, and hair with a fresh sunkissed glow.

CACAO The raw fruit contains high levels of antioxidants that protect and repair the skin from damage and premature aging. As a potent anti-inflammatory, it soothes redness and blemishes - improving the skin’s complexion. Not to mentions it softens and smooths the hair.

COCONUT   In the tropical parts of the world where coconuts are readily available and used in many ways, natives commonly spread coconut oil on their hair and skin, as they believe that it protects from the sun’s harmful rays. Now famous throughout the world for not only its sun protective qualities; Coconut Oil is used as an edible nutritious oil, dental health, and calming eczema.

TO  USE:                                                                                                            

FACE: Drop 1-2 drops in the palm of  your hand, gently pat onto face where the sun naturally kisses the skin and blend.    

BODY: Drop 3-4 drops in the palm of  your hand and rub onto skin; apply more serum as needed.       

HAIR: Drop 1-3 drops in the palm of hand depending on hair density, work sparingly
from ends to roots into damp hair before heat-styling or air-drying, or smooth through dry  hair for a smooth, shiny - glowing finish.

Vitis (Grapeseed) Vinifera Oil, Simmondsia Jojoba (Chinensis) Oil, *Cocos (Coconut) Nucifera Oil, *Green Tea Extract, *Coconut Extract, *Theobroma (Cacao) Powder, Mica  

*Organic, 100% NATURAL & VEGAN, Net wt. 2 fl. oz. (56 ml)

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