Facial Care Skin Set- Heal + Rejuvenate


A simple skincare routine for Clear Skin. Heal + Rejuvenate with this trio.

Step 1-


Put your best FACE forward with the French Green Facial Cleansing Bar! A skin balancing bar formulated for all skin types. Absorbs and removes impurities from the face, with infused DETOXIFYING, TONING & REVITALIZING naturally occurring Skin Healing Earth Minerals of French Green Clay, Zinc Oxide, and Essential Oils.

100% Natural & Vegan, *Organic, Net wt. 5oz. (142g). Each bar of soap is handcrafted, appearance may vary.

Step 2-


Revive & Enliven your skin with the ZE Facial Oil!  A healing, hydrating, and fast absorbing - soothing blend of therapeutic non-pore clogging plant botanical oils for ALL Skin Types. Fights Free Radicals, aides in providing balanced hydration; blemish reduction - revealing soft, supple, refined, & brighter skin.

100% Natural & Vegan, *Organic, Net wt. 1 fl. oz. (30 ml)

Step 3-


Gotta a zit?! Zap it with the ZE Blemish Drying Lotion! Treats & Heals Blemishes, Reduces Redness, Inflammation, & Irritation. Infused with HEALING, DETOXIFYING, TONING & REVITALIZING essential oils of Tea Tree, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Grapefruit.

100% Natural & Vegan, *Organic, Net wt. 1.5 fl. oz. (15 ml)





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